Students may earn Ontario high school credits online through the 91探花app E-Learning Program. Students taking an e-learning course will receive their instruction, assignments and tests online at the board e-learning site ( Participating students will be given face to face initial training on how to use the site and meet their teacher at the start of the semester. These courses meet all curriculum expectations and are taught by fully qualified teachers in one of our four high schools.

Why should I consider an e-learning course?

Your school may not offer the course or the course may not fit into your timetable. It is a great opportunity to experience an online course. Many post secondary institutions offer e-learning as part of their programs. The workplace regularly uses online courses for both job orientation and career training of employees. You may be comfortable working online. e-Learning courses give you the freedom to work at home and learn on your own time.

Will I be completely on my own?

No. Your teacher will regularly contact you via online discussions or email so you can quickly access assistance and subject support. Student services at your school will be available for support as with regular classes. A help desk is available that students and teachers can call five days a week is available if they are having technical difficulties.

Is e-Learning right for me?

To qualify for e-learning a student must be enrolled in 3 other day school courses. A typical e-learning student should be:

  • Self motivated and be able to organize their time without direct supervision;
  • Comfortable using computer technology;
  • Able to work independently;
  • Have access to a computer and the internet.

The following e-learning courses are available and there may be opportunities for additional E-learning courses to be offered based on student enrolment.

Computer Requirements

Hardware checklist

  • a computer that runs on Windows 10 or the latest Mac OS (at least Mac OS 10.12)
  • highspeed internet access is highly recommended.
  • headphones or speaker and a microphone for in-class conversations and meetings with your professors
  • a webcam (may be required for specific courses)
  • individual courses may have additional hardware requirements

Software checklist

  • a web browser, such as Safari, Firefox, MS Edge, Google Chrome. Please note: You may need to upgrade your web browser to access online learning tools
  • individual courses may have additional software requirements for playing audio or video or other applications.

Mobile Devices

  • Mobile devices may allow for some participation in your course(s), however they present limitations and we cannot guarantee your device will meet all your coursework needs.

Courses Available

Lakehead Public Schools provides a variety of e-Learning courses locally, and is a member of the Ontario e-Learning Consortium, which gives our students access to e-Learning courses in 55 school boards
across Ontario.

Please see your guidance counsellor for a complete list of available courses to fit your timetable and graduation requirements.

For more information about e-learning contact

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