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Members of the public can submit permit requests anytime to reserve the use of a school facility. School facilities are available for public use on weekday evenings only. Daytime use and weekend use is not available.

Please click here to submit a booking request.

To speak to someone for additional information regarding booking a school facility, please call 807-625-5217 or email

Ontario’s Schools are community hubs where all people can gather to learn and participate in a range of activities offered by community organizations.


The 91̽app is committed to sharing our school facilities with youth organizations, community partners, sports teams and local citizens.

Schools in Ontario play a key role in their local communities. Schools provide a place to come together, volunteer, build skills, access community programs, become physically active and build strong and healthy communities. The idea of ‘schools as hubs’ continues to be a strong guiding principle for Community Use of Schools.

Ontario’s Ministry of Education provides funding to all school boards in Ontario to increase affordable access for not-for-profit groups to both indoor and outdoor school space outside of regular school hours.

LDSB offers non-commercial community agencies, parent groups, sports organizations, and local citizens fair access to use school space free of charge during non-school hours, in accordance with Board Policy 8011 Community Use of School Facilities.

Community Use of Schools is subject to availability and may not interfere with scheduled school activities.

By submitting a booking, I understand that the use of the premises must be aligned with the organizational values of the 91̽app (as outlined in Board policy) and
the Ontario Human Rights Code.

New Community Use Availability Schedule

  • Weekend community use of school facilities is not available.
  • In order to provide secondary schools with adequate flexibility in school event scheduling, community use of secondary schools is not available.
  • Bookings during the week will be limited to hours where there is regular custodial coverage (hours of availability vary by school).
  • All permits submitted for the school year are limited to a maximum booking time of 4 hours per week.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Permit holders must notify the Community Use Officer in advance if they are not intending to honour their booking. Failure to do so will result in a $120 charge being applied to their account and their permit cancelled until it is paid.

Most elementary schools are available Monday through Thursday from 6 PM to 10 PM. Community use is not available on statutory holidays, March break, summer break, or winter break.

For the detailed policy description, refer to 91̽app Policy and Procedures 8011.

Groups are required to complete an “Application/Permit for Use of Schools” available through our Online Booking System or by contacting the Community Use Officer.

  • See “User Categories” below for category definitions.
  • Most elementary schools shall be available to non-profit user groups from 6 PM to 10 PM Monday to Thursday.
  • All rentals require proof of liability insurance – minimum $2 million (which can be purchased from the school board at a reasonable cost) naming 91̽app as additional insured.
  • Compliance with all taxing and licensing requirements shall be the responsibility of the user.
  • Additional Conditions and Regulations

On-Line Booking System

To book a facility you must register your group with the 91̽app through the On-Line Booking System and have an email address and a valid credit card.

To register and obtain your username and password please follow the instructions on the On-Line Booking System.

Please allow a minimum of 7 days to process your request.


Questions? Click here or contact: or call (807) 625-5217

User Categories

CATEGORY A (Board, School, Reciprocal Agreements, Partnerships and Day Cares – Free of Charge)

Board Sponsored Events and Groups

  • Education programs sponsored and/or supported by the Board
  • Board committees
  • Training sessions and professional development for employees
  • Speakers/presentations/information sessions for students, staff and/or public arranged by Board

School Groups

  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular program-related activities supervised by a teacher or responsible adult
  • School Council activities including school dance
  • Speakers/presentations/information sessions for students arranged by staff or School Council
  • Home and School meetings and activities
  • Parent/student fundraising for the school groups

CATEGORY B (Non-Profit – Free of Charge)

Permits submitted are limited to a maximum booking time of 4 hours per week.

Non-Profit Youth Community Programs

  • Non-profit youth (under 18 years of age)
  • community programs and organizations whose membership is not restrictive and whose leaders and/or instructors receive no direct compensation
  • Charitable organizations or agencies providing before or after school programs at cost, no cost or donation only

Non-Profit Community Sports

  • Non-profit recognized youth sport and recreation service providers
  • Unorganized/amateur athletic and sports groups – this includes staff and student groups not directly related to school and student programming

Non-Profit Community Recreation

  • Non-profit recreational or social groups/clubs or activities – this includes staff and student groups not directly related to school and student programming
  • Non-profit community theatre, dance or musical productions
  • School reunions
  • Birthday parties, baby/bridal showers and staff parties

Non-Profit Community Associations and Organizations

  • Non-profit local community associations and municipalities holding meeting or public information sessions
  • Board union and federation meetings and information sessions

Charity Organizations

  • Groups where money collected is used for community club or charitable purposes and not for personal gain

Partnerships and Reciprocal Agreement Groups

  • City of Thunder Bay Parks and Recreation Department Programs
  • Coterminous Boards physical education program
  • Indigenous Programs
  • Lappe Local Area Services Board
  • LU Education Department (PPOD)
  • Additional Qualification Courses (OISE, LU)
  • Individuals providing music/piano instruction to students at LDSB rural schools

Day Cares

  • Providing before or after school programs

CATEGORY C (Commercial – Cost based)

Private or Corporate Commercial Groups

  • Activities for private, corporate, and/or other organizations or individuals that yield a profit
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