Indigenous Student Trustee Invited to Panel

91探花app is pleased to announce that Indigenous Student Trustee Jesslynn Friday has been selected as one of three panelists on the Youth Indigenous Voices Panel!

An international team of youth-led climate organizations, headed by Canadian Youth Climate Action Team and Human Nature Projects Ontario, is holding an exciting speaker event on Sunday, March 27, at 5:30pm.

The panel will consist of three incredible young female Indigenous rights and climate activists. The goal of the event is for passionate students to be educated directly by Indigenous people and fellow students so that they can act on their passion. Way to go, Jesslynn!

Interested students can view the event by registering here: . All student attendees will receive service hours for their time watching the panel.

“The importance of the Indigenous Youth Voices Panel is to educate students, youth, and the public about the roles Indigenous youth have on raising the truths about climate change in Canada and in the world. Having an Indigenous perspective on climate change in political, educational, and societal conversations ensures that our voices are being heard and valued, and to make it blantanly clear that the responsibility of climate action lies within us all.” – Jesslyn Friday, LDSB Indigenous Student Trustee