Pride at Lakehead Public Schools

Lakehead Public Schools Supports Pride Month and Flies Transgender Flag

Lakehead Public Schools strives to help all students feel that they belong and are accepted and welcome. Lakehead Public Schools’ Value of Inclusion encompasses all elements of one’s identity to ensure all students feel comfortable at school.

On Friday, June 11th, the chair of 91Ě˝»¨app, Ellen Chambers, acknowledged the importance of Pride Month by emphasizing that student uniqueness is essential to school communities, and by stressing the importance of helping all students feel that they belong. The chair of the school board was pleased to be joined by two prominent Pride advocates, Jason Veltri of Rainbow Collective and Alisha Gosselin-Quick of Thunder Pride.

“For all the youth that will walk by and see the pride flag flying at their school, and know that they are supported and accepted, for the adults like myself and many others who will see the flag flying yet again for another year in their community, and see the progress made through love and dedication, and for those not yet born, who will be born into a world accepting of whomever they may be, that is why we do this”, said Alisha Gosselin-Quick.

The Lakehead Public Schools board office is flying the transgender flag for the first time through collaboration with Rainbow Collective and is pleased that it will help voice the school board motto of You belong here.

“To see the transgender flag flying this year will symbolize to those who are struggling with their own gender journey that they are valued and accepted within the Lakehead public school board”, said Jason Veltri.

The pride flag has flown at the school board office and its schools every June for several years now, and will continue to fly every June to promote inclusion and acceptance.