In the SHSM Program, students learn sector-specific skills and knowledge in a hands-on, career-related learning environment with others who have the same goals and career expectations.

All pathways 鈥 workplace, apprenticeship, college and university are included in these programs.

A Specialist High Skills Major program offers secondary students (Gr 11 & 12) the opportunity to focus on sector-specific credits.

Why a Specialist High Skills Major?

For students who know what they want for post-secondary education and ultimately their career, one of the Specialist High Skills Major programs will offer a number of educational and experimental experiences in the chosen sector.

This program might be for you if:

  • You are a student who would like to explore a sector more fully before making future plans;
  • You are unsure as to your direction after high school but find yourself intrigued and interested in the possibilities of focussing your high school education on something that you enjoy.

Bus passes will be available for students if required.

SHSM Programs Offered at 91探花app

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